Hotel Global Distribution System - Challenges for Hotels in India

What is a GDS System?

A global distribution system (GDS) is a computerised network system owned or operated by a company that enables transactions between travel industry service providers, mainly airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and travel agencies. 

In total, it is estimated that 220,000 hotels use the GDS system. However, GDS production in India has not been very effective for Hotels across India. There are various parameters that control this effective of low reservations for Hotels. 

Our Findings?

We at Bingoforge audited 10 Airport Hotels across 4 metro cities in India and the findings were shocking. GDS, systems work for Travel Agents like a Search Engine i.e. Google or Bing works for search on the Internet. 

Now consider this scenario as an example, where Mr Robert,  is a business traveller from England and requests his travel agency to book him a hotel room in a city in India. All that Mr Robert knows is that he needs a Hotel in the MIDC location in Mumbai and the hotel should offer breakfast, should have a health club with a swimming pool and offer laundry service. For the Travel Agency, it now becomes important to run a search on the GDS with the requested choice of options provided by Mr Robert. 

The GDS will show information only as available in the GDS Hotel Database. Most of the hotels across the Globe lose out when the GDS Hotel Database is not correctly updated. 

What do we do at Bingoforge for Hotels?

Here is where we at Bingoforge help hotels across the Globe audit and run multiple complex searches to ensure that data is returned correctly as requested using GDS Audit Systems. GDS distribution is a science and is extremely important that hotels audit their properties once or twice every year. Our experience of 30 years of distribution and audits and have helped us understand patterns and content which is most relevant to drive more GDS reservations. We also provide Hotels support and consultation with filling in RFP’s and GDS uploads of the same to ensure more RFP conversions. 

GDS production globally in 2019 has seen an upward increase of 12% and this number is set to grow further in 2020. It is critical for hotels using the GDS to ensure that the team understands the importance of GDS distribution and the effects it has on their GDS business. 

About Bingoforge

The writer of this article is the Founder & CEO at Bingoforge and has been associated with leading GDS providers i.e. Amadeus, and Abacus  (Sabre) in senior Product Manager roles as well as Instructor for Travel Agents and Hotels. Bingoforge provides Hotels with multiple solutions i.e. GDS Audits, GDS Training, Sales CRM Solutions, Digital Marketing Optimization, Hotel Website Design & Development, Automated Service Quality Management Platform for Hotels & Resorts.