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Our mission is to provide Hoteliers  with a complete and modern Sales Enterprise Technology stack 
that is SECURE, SCALABLE, and READY for the FUTURE.


Most Promising CRM 

Bingoforge was awarded one of the 20 Most Promising CRM Solution Providers of 2019.  

Bingoforge brings over 30 years of Travel, Hospitality, Sales Operations, Revenue Management and Distribution Expertise. We are not here to study the domain but to listen to our Partners challenges and build solutions around them.

Bingo HSA Lite

A Lite Sales Automation Solution for Small Hotels,Resorts, Apartment. Daily Sales Reports,  Auto Lead Sourcing, Lead to Opportunity Managemet. Close and manage Sales and Lost Leads. rack leads. Customze reports by user and provide relavent access.

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Bingo HSA Business

A complete Hotel Sales CRM Solution for Mid Sized Hotels with Add-ons to multiple modules depending on Hotel needs. Add applications on  a pay per need. Add applcaitions as your grow. A flexible and customised process driven Sales CRM. Powerful reporting system with a free hand to customise.

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BingoHSA Enterprise  

A complete 360 degree Hotel Sales CRM soltuion for Large Hotel or Chains. Enterprise module includes all Sales Applications and Interfaces.  

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1,000+ Hotels  run BingoHSA to grow and better
manage their Sales Operations

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