Sales Management Features  


Sell more efficiently 


Modern User Interface

All the information you need, where you need it with a fast and intuitive user                 interface designed for salespeople.


Use Odoo's mobile interface to sell on the road. 

Reduce Data Entry

Send quotes in a just a few clicks. Convert quotes to sales orders and invoices from                           the  same screen.

Create Professional Quotes


Quotation / Contract Builder

Create quotation and contracts custom built


Quotations are optimized to help your company sell more by proposing extra                     options, additional products, applying                     closing triggers, discounts, etc.

Electronic Signature

Sell faster with electronic signatures, allowing your customers to review and sign                    your quotations online.

Manage Orders & Contracts 


Sales Orders

Convert quotations into sales orders in one click or, let your customers do it themselves with online quotes and Odoo                      eSign. Save time with the ability to modify sales orders, sell                   product kits, and ship partial orders.

Manage Invoicing from Sales Orders

Invoice on ordered or delivered quantities. Manage payment terms by customer or by invoice. Easily track and                    follow up on invoice aging.

Time & Material Contracts

Invoice any type of product or service with invoicing based on time and materials.




Track each phase of a contract such as invoicing, renewal, and upselling. Fully integrated with Odoo Subscriptions for                    managing recurring invoices such as memberships or                                service contracts.

Recurring Contract Invoices

Manage recurring billing, contract renewal alerts, and contract options as well as track recurring revenue via the                      MRR dashboard.

Odoo eSign

Use Odoo eSign to easily get signatures on NDAs, contracts, or any PDF document.

Streamline Communication 


Custom Alerts

Follow key quotations and orders in just a click and get alerts based on relevant activities.

Email Gateways

See all of your email communications automatically attached to the associated customer order, allowing you to                   trace back on discussions and negotiate more efficiently.

On-Boarding Emails

Create email templates for specific products to provide relevant information to buyers such as instructions, service                   reminders, etc.

Multi-Company Rules

From the main container, you can change the background to highlight features.

Maintain Products & Prices 


Product Variants

Create and configure products with multiple options or variants such as size, color, finish, etc.


Apply discounts on any line item and choose how the price is reduced as well as if the discount is visible or hidden.

Product Types

Manage any type of product including services, stockable products, delivery charges, electronic products, or                                    consumables.


Use pricelist rules to compute the correct price based on customer conditions. Easily add one or more pricelists to                         individual products depending on each customer's                                     segment, especially helpful for differentiating vendors.                             Automatically use the applicable pricelist based on                                    conditions such as quantity ordered and/or time the                                  product was ordered.


Create a custom coupon code for a pricelist and allow your customers to activate their discount at purchase.

Intuitive Reporting 


Sales Dashboard

Get a full overview of all your sales activities, next actions, and performance data.

Trackable KPIs    

Easily monitor a KPI dashboard for important information such churn, MRR, lifetime value, CAC Ratio,                                                    upgrades/downgrades, etc.

Order & Invoicing Analysis

Choose whether your statistics are based on orders, invoices, or both. Group sales by any category such as                               product type, salesperson, country, and sales team.

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