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What is it that we do differently?

We do not analyse to see if your Information technology is in place rather we analyse to check if the Information technology you use meets your business objectives. It’s not about compliance, it is more about making sure your IT Department is a revenue centre for your business

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What generally would IT auditors do?

Read through system reports, IT policies, IT compliance, data security, software audit and lots of checklist After auditing your IT investment increases because the audit is not mapped to meet your business objective.

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What is the outcome after an audit?

Our audit goal is to prepare a strategic business plan for your technology department in order to achieve your business objectives.

We have a proven incremental business growth ranging from 10% to 50% after performing successful IT audits and implementing them. These results have helped boost Organization sales by way of either direct sales and revenue growth or savings in operational cost and increasing turnaround time.

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