Email Marketing Features

Great emails with no pain

Drag & drop editor  

Use our pre-made building blocks to structure your email. Insert headers and footers, calls-to-action, images, links,                         snippets and many more in just a few clicks.


Add your text and graphics in real time directly within the editable content of your building blocks and get a live                               preview of what your email will look like.

Action Button

Actions - like approvals - are immediately available in the email notifications.


Pick one of our 9 awesome themes and change the layout of your email according to your taste without losing time                     starting from scratch.


Save your emails as template and reuse them for your future campaigns.



Manage your campaign  

Import contacts

Easily import your contacts to Bingo from any CSV document

Create custom mailing lists

Segment your subscribers database by assigning them to one or several mailing lists. You can also select your                                   customers, leads or opportunities from Bingo CRM as the                     recipients of your campaigns.

Reply to

Specify an email to which the recipient can reply by clicking on the “Reply to” button from his inbox.

Sample testing

Send a sample of your mailing to selected email addresses to get a preview before actually launching it to your whole                     mailing list.

Opt out

Automatically remove from your mailing list the contacts who opted out


Select a time and date to schedule your campaign to be sent later.

Improve delivery rate

Fully responsive

Display optimally your email on whatever screen : desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Undelivered emails

Track last 24 hours undelivered emails, and get notified why they failed.

Mail server

Setup several email servers with their own IP/domain to optimize open rates.


Get insights  

Archive your campaigns

Keep track of all emails sent and stock them in Bingo’s database


Get real time statistics on emails performance: delivery rate, open rate, click rate, bounce rate.

Undelivered emails

Track last 24 hours undelivered emails, and get notified why they failed

Tracking links

Add a tracking code to the links within your email campaigns and get a complete view of the performances for                   each campaign on a dedicated dashboard.

Measure your revenues

Follow your opportunities through Bingo CRM and analyze the conversion rate, the expected revenue and the                                       generated revenue of each of your campaigns. Use filters                          for  more in-depth analysis.